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The US needs to stop giving away shit to other countries. Fucking seriously though, Trump was threatening to cut aide to the taco niggers due to the taco caravan. Why in the ever loving fuck are they getting anything in the first place? We're literally propping up the failures of socialism and our enemies by doing shit like this.

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https://archive.fo/I0pDs :

Guatemala Deployed Armored Jeeps Donated by the U.S. Amid Political Crisis

'Others were waving Guatemalan flags when the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala issued its statement about the jeeps being donated by the United States. '

'Since then, according to Isacson, most aid to Guatemala’s army, including the join task forces, has come from the Pentagon. “Specifically, one Defense Department program. '

'were lined up single file along a Guatemala City street on August 31 in an ominous queue. '

'A U.N.-backed truth commission and now two Guatemalan courts have determined that the military committed genocide in the early 1980s. '

'More jeeps were spotted in the vicinity of the National Palace, along with military personnel. '

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When life gives you jeeps.