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This is just being a trucker. They are free to quit, any time.

Fuck off, commie wankers.

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So are Amazons employees.

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may reveal the true human cost of 'free' shipping in the US

Well it may reveal that, but what this really shines light upon is what kind of man Jeff Bezos is. He's not hurting for money, time or putting up with greuling shifts. He is instead making record profits at the expense of his human workers. Jeff is the cause of their misery not some free shipping deal sold to customers at an ever increasing price. The real culprit and cause are simply unfettered greed and lack of concern for his workers who earn him his money. I'm all for the free market and capitalism, but free markets also exist for labor and people. Jeff is exploiting people instead of meeting them on the market. It will soon come to a head and we'll see if Jeff's "good fortune" will hold or if Amazon will break the labor market. Either way we are seeing first hand what evil men do. I just hope we learn from this and stop making the same mistakes.

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All drivers piss in bottles, I thought this was common knowledge. You would too. Do you want to burn 20 minutes driving to find a public bathroom then getting back to your route, or do you want to piss in a bottle and get home 20 minutes earlier for each time that you had to piss in a bottle? It's an easy choice.

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I'm pretty sure all truckers use pee bottles and work grueling shifts.