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First American to Join Al-Qaeda After 9/11 Says It Was 'Extremely Boring'

'A U.S. man described as the first from the country to join the Al-Qaeda militant group after it conducted the 9/11 attacks said the experience did not live up to his expectations. '

'He reportedly helped the U.S. government thwart a number of Al-Qaeda plots and testified in several high-profile investigations in connection with the militant group. '

'Once there, however, the then-24-year-old found life in Al-Qaeda to be "extremely boring."'

'The fighters offered to let him in their group, and without any ceremony or formalities, Viñas became a member of Al-Qaeda. '

'"Going on a mission had been such a relief from the terrible boredom, but in the end, I was disappointed that the operation was unsuccessful," Viñas told the West Point publication. '

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