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Children use lemonade stand to raise money for grandfather's headstone?

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Those sick fucks.

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So your saying he also works for the pope/CIA/FBI/Jews/Sand Niggers?

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And yet—we hear nothing of victims or how the materials are produced. Remember, you can not stop at what is reported, even if directly coming from the enforcement agencies.

They hide more, and hinder our ability to truly protect ourselves. How are the crimes facilitated? Are the parents themselves responsible? How are they acquiring materials? Are these caches that have been re-used over and over?

Drive-through photo booths in the 80s where very popular.

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more info

http: //www.thegoldwater .com /news/36676-Pedophile-Teacher-Busted-with-3000-Child-Porn-Files-Connected-to-International-Distribution-Ring

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random spaces in your link. Also the goldwater is usually trash.