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Good people don't file for benefits.

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All these statistics can kiss my ass since they just remove people from the job pool instead of going by actual population.

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Not that this isn't great news but wages and productivity continue to stagnate.

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No. Everyone has had their hours cut, there might be more people working but they are not making any more money.

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https://archive.fo/7z6FO :

Unemployment claims fall to 49-year low | TheHill

'The government is set to release the August jobs report on Friday with expectations that around 200,000 jobs were created last month. '

'But the job market appears strong along with the unemployment rate expected to fall to the mid-3 percent range.“The job market is hot," said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, who oversees the ADP data. '

'The number of U.S. workers filing for unemployment benefits fell to near a 49-year low last week, as the labor market continues to show strength. '

'Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell to a seasonally adjusted 203,000 for the week ending Sept. 1, a drop of 10,000 from the previous week, the lowest level since December 1969, the Labor Department said on Thursday. '

'A separate report released on Thursday, showed private-sector businesses added 163,000 jobs, the fewest since Oct. 2017. '

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