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Honestly why would anybody want anything even similar to Facebook and their life at all in the first place? We don't need any of that shit. Who needs to know people who live on the other side of the fucking planet that you can be envious of? Social media is destroying Humanity from the inside out.

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Boomers love facebook.

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[Tweery bird meme]

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Hey. Don T I could do one for ya!

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This is a fantastic idea, but we know that Facebook, much like Twitter, is about to become a Public Utility. This will solve just about all the problems we had with it.

However, if people actually do abandon Facebook, they'd be smart to get the fuck over to minds.com as soon as possible. That's where the party has been for the past two years.

(here's a decent video on it)

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So he's admitting we're not going back to our traditional family roots and that we all need to stare blankly into our backlit square boxes. I'll be happy to see a facebook rival though.

That's not what he's saying at all. I just worry for the future.