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is the only time her home-schooled daughter is unsupervised

And there's the real reason that the police showed up. No one called them anonymously. They were looking for an excuse to intervene.

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Yep, gotta get them kids into the public schools so some marxist faggot can molest them.

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Around the block, brother and I would walk through 2 acres of cotton fields to the corner gas station to buy cigarettes for mom and dad in the 60's

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my fucken sister lost a doll and her pram by leaving it up the end of our street on what is still now a freeway exit...

my cousins were country people. much as he is a complete cunt, one of them has actually been a firefighter for the last 20 years and was what he always wanted so proud of him there. He grew up driving his dad home from the pub at 9 years old because his old man was too cut to do it and no one wanted to have him in their car.

So back to 'he always wanted to be a firefighter' - his turning point came when he found out one of his mates was behind one of the recent local bushfires at the time and could either cover for this absolute fucktard of a 'mate' who was causing him actual work (he was a CFA volunteer when he was younger) and being a 'bro' - or do the right thing. Now hes a station chief. A cunt of a station chief, but a station chief none the less.

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One of my formative memories is my older brother sending me in to buy cigarettes for him. He was hung over and lazy, so he drove me to the store and sent me in to get them. I was probably 8 years old and knew I wasn’t supposed to buy them. But did as I was told and they sold them to me.

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We went from letting kids play around on bikes miles away from the house a couple decades ago to calling cops if they play in the backyard unattended. This is despite everybody now having a phone in their pocket to instantly ask parents for help if necessary. What caused this trend despite technology making it easier to go further away with less risk?

I wonder how much this has to do with the browning of America. Built in social trust and cohesion is gone. Even if you don't consciously think about it on a day to day basis, in the back of your mind you're probably making decisions differently because your community is different than it once was.

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It was literally the internet. Despite crime going down over the decades, the internet let's you read every shitty story around the world, every day. Making people think rapistand kidnappers are on every corner. When it's actually safer now. Not to mention most abductions are by family members.

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I would add to this the shitty ass idea to have a 24-hour news cycle.

Surprise surprise there isn't enough good news going on throughout the day where you need to talk about it almost 24/7.

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It's so much worse, be a man, walk your daughter through the park, cops show up and arrest you and question your child because someone called you in as a pedophile.

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Looks like a cute kid. Some pedo probably put in a bid and CPS is trying to fill the order.

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You can call it fishing for social programs. Happens in many forms.

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Was the kid a retard?

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No, but the authorities are.

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Man I remember I'd bike miles away from home when I was young unsupervised. WTF is wrong with people nowadays.

It's Chicongo so gotta watch out for them feral Oogah Boogahs. And Also pedos.

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Yep. Ride bikes from one side of the city to the other and gone for 12 hours straight. Just be home before the street lights turn on and don't do anything deserving a police/parent escort home.

But this was in Utah, so no niggers to worry about.

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