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Here's the secret. You can't play identity politics WITHOUT being racist.

Muh white guilt, I must protect the poor, helpless brown people because they aren't capable of actually being adults in society.

It is fucking disgusting.

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Stupid niggers and blacks actually don't know this: the liberal whites are their downfall and also the cause for why they are in their current state. I actually feel sorry for respectable blacks who try to better themselves because they constantly have words put in their mouths by uppity libshits who think "dey poor black pipo" needs all kinds of gibs and shit. I would be furious if I were a nigger trying to escape the bucket.

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No surprise - nobody is more racist than the modern libtard. They only like you if you stay in Victim Box. There's a great video that Peter Sweden posted last year of some Antifa riot where some lardwhale of a white woman was abusing a black man, calling him a Nazi over and over - however, you could actually see the visible control she was exerting herself not to scream NIGGER!!!! at him. So she had to content herself with Nazi.

Libtard only love blacks if they stay on the plantation. They love fatties unless you're Trump. They love women but only if you're a pussy marcher type. God help you if you're woman who hates feminism and wants to be a wife and mother. They love sluts unless you're Melania. And so on.

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This is an outrage. ANTIFA should lose everything now and resign

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Boycott Antifa! Shut them down!

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now thats just disrespectful

the niggers doing a noble job and does not deserve this.

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Yup, he's an example for others. No wonder the liberals don't like him, he's successful. They need blacks face down in the dirt and filled with rage in order for them to be useful.