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Out of interest how long did it take and did you write it from scratch ?

From scratch, it took somewhere around 30 hours to get a full release out. I have no idea how many other hours I've spent afterwards.

any other tips more than welcome. ie what program to to use to write etc.

I primarily use Sublime Text to edit my code. I remember taking a brief online tutorial on HTML and CSS years ago, but the bulk of my learning came from practice, examining website code, and searching for specific issues with my code. I guess that, just like languages spoken, it's easy to learn to understand it, but it takes practice and more learning to speak in the languages, outside of a simple "Hello" and "My name is".

Because of this, it's important to put your learning to the test and practice by making your own websites or making a new theme for something like YouTube.

If you have any questions about theming your subverse, feel free to come on over to /v/customizingvoat and we'll take care of you. :-)


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Thank you for the reply much appreciated, I get what you are saying with regards to it being another language. I will see how far I can get before asking for help.

Thats just how I learn, it's how I learn to build pc's due to breaking them as a child and fixing them. keep an eye out on /v/customizingvoat

Once again than you for your reply