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Oh, the default office settings kind of give it away too.


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The thing that got lost in the story about the actual document they presented having been produced on modern equipment was that the secretary in the office which had handled the original document had been shown the copy that CBS News had, and she said it looked like the document she had remembered seeing. That is--as much as CBS News was blamed for having presented a "fake document", they had relied on the testimony of a person who had actually seen the original document, and who was not the source of the document CBS obtained.

This means that someone actually produced a provable fake new version of a document that was good enough to fool a person who had seen the original. That points to someone who knew the underlying story was real, but that the best way to completely discredit it was to make CBS think they had a real document, so they made the new version almost exactly the same.

The fact that the information in the document was actually true became irrelevant.