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https://archive.fo/O7fXS :

Manafort ignored advice to stop talking with Russian-linked associate after indictment: report | TheHill

'Manafort reportedly continued to communicate with the trusted associate after first being indicted in October 2017 for money laundering. '

'Allies of Manafort urged him to cut off communication with Kilimnik, also known as “KK,” The Times reported. '

'Manafort and Konstantin Kilimnik traded emails throughout the 2016 presidential campaign — even appearing to discuss the financial benefit Manafort’s high level position could bring, according to the report. '

'Mueller filed a superseding indictment on Friday in a D.C. court, bringing charges against Manafort and Kilimnik for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice. ', "They reportedly argued that Kilimnik's communications could be bugged and that he is not discreet or tactful."

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Mueller was probably happy to have Manafort on house arrest. With all of the wire taps it was just a matter of time before Paulie further implicated himself. Mueller must now have every thing he needs.