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https://unvis.it/https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/education/wp/2018/02/22/i-dont-think-people-recognize-how-dire-it-is-west-virginia-teachers-strike-closing-all-public-schools/ :

'I don't think people recognize how dire it is:' West Virginia teachers strike, closing all public schools - The Washington Post

'We’ve actually been educating teachers at our universities in West Virginia and they’re not staying here.”HuffPost, citing data from the National Education Association, noted that in 2016, West Virginia ranked 48th in average teacher salaries. '

'Jim Justice announced he signed legislation to give teachers, school service personnel and state police a 2 percent pay increase. '

'Teachers across West Virginia walked off the job Thursday amid a dispute over pay and benefits, causing more than 275,000 students to miss classes even as educators gathered at the state Capitol in Charleston. '

'The Charleston Gazette-Mail reported that more than 1,000 people were outside the Capitol on Thursday morning. '

' Our students are suffering because of the lack of an ability to attract and retain people.”'

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