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Again, projection from a soulless demoncrat.

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This is intended to be satire. If you take it too seriously then you miss the humor.

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Thanks for the head's up - not always easy to tell, and frankly it's all blurry and profuse, the fake and the satire and the outright agendas, to wade through.

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https://archive.fo/vA4j3 :

Trump Collapses From Exhaustion After Ninety Minutes of Faking Empathy | The New Yorker

'WASHINGTON ( The Borowitz Report )—Donald J. Trump collapsed from exhaustion after approximately ninety minutes of pretending to be a human being with empathy, the White House doctor has confirmed.“In all my years of practicing medicine, I have never met a patient as healthy and vigorous as President Trump,” Dr. '

'Ronny Jackson said. “But the sustained effort of simulating compassion proved too much for someone who has never exercised that part of his brain before.”Shortly after Trump spent a gruelling ninety minutes pretending to care about immigrants, the unemployed, and other people whom he normally dismisses as losers, aides noticed that he was turning from a bright orange to a slightly paler orange before crumpling to the ground in a giant heap.“If you have never spent a moment thinking about a human being besides yourself, imagine trying to pretend you are doing that for a solid ninety minutes,” Jackson said. “It’s physically punishing.”Immediately following his collapse, Trump was rushed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where a brain scan showed that his brush with human feelings did no permanent damage.“I just visited with him, and he was sitting up in his bed, trashing Jay-Z on Twitter,” Dr. '

' Jackson said. “It was such a relief to see that.”Vice-President Mike Pence, who reportedly reacted to Trump’s collapse by leaping to his feet and exclaiming, “Am I President now?,” was not available for comment. '

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