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Unlikely. It's in their own best interest to keep his platform to short, ambiguous, spurious comments. If Twitter screws him he'll simply start holding press conferences again and this time he'll only invite press who care to fairly present his message. If you've not seen some of his press conferences, they are entertaining and mainstream shat their pants. At the same time it will horribly devalue Twitter's standing - which is already suffering.

Twitter doesn't want this and mainstream doesn't want this. Trump will remain on Twitter.

Also, don't forget that Twitter actively censors comments of pro-Trump supporters. This has much appeal to leftists, Twitter, and mainstream. That alone has huge propaganda value to mainstream's position.


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If Twitter bans Trump, he basically possesses the power to uplift a rival site to prominence. It would be simple for him to publicize his new outlet, and people would follow him to it.

So, go ahead twitter. ban him, and learn the form of your destructor.