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Did this posting never make it to the front page of the sub? Some kind of moderator action? Really, zero comments?


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I'll give you an example of society Reporter vomiting. Even the most excellent and often great True Detective Roger Ebert - I rarely hear him talk about Joseph Campbell, if ever!

  • Did he not watch the PBS Broadcast in the 1980's? None of his colleagues mentioned it? I was personally watching it from the Chicago broadcast! WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR SHIT NEWS? You work for NewsPaper!
  • Campbell is well known in Hollywood - how the fuck do you not memorize all his books as a critic? Luke Skywalker was printed on the cover of Campbell's book for one edition. My God, toys are in every store!

What example can I cite as a James Joyce vomiting from Ebert: Les Misérables (2012)

The French Troubadour Opera! He downvoted it like mad. And he even said the dialog was shit singing - He fucking hated the speech - just like Franks!

Had Roger Ebert listened to the type of dialog in New Yorker Hal Hartley's films - he would have heard The Voice of Reason as spoken in Troubadour Stories of Americas.

Ebert is an excellent critic, and had a mixed-race marriage, plus he also was Truth about his personal drinking of alcohol. He was a Great American by any Reason and often spoke great Truth about Hollywood.

But, it is the valid example The Simpsons soda in the ears screaming that Troubadour Poetry is. Sugar is what people like to hear int he movies. And as Campbell says directly - we fetish the actors and the voices - and do not Listen with Reason and this happens in our own marriages - as the Troubadour Poetry was saying.

Cringing at RAP Music - is exactly what the Troubadours experienced in the Year 1190 or so that inspired all this great themes. They were the same skin color and the same people who would Speak in Reason.

If you can't translate Troubadour sounds, le Cringe of voice, you have failed Reason.

Examples: Money Money Money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETxmCCsMoD0

meta meta meta meta meta e=mc^2 MURPH!!! BOOKSELF POUNDING TROUBADOUR:

Hollywood translation:

Notice that both are Duets and such - to do a Crowd Voice - that the Church is crushing the Husbands and Wives and the Artists!

The film Melancholia is a translation of Tristan and Isolde - pissing on the proverbial Golf Course and predicting Nuclear War from ICBM's (Edward Bernays Penis against the Lady Liberty - a robot dick reference) in space! That writer is swimming in the Campbell Subconscious all the time - and drowning half of it. It's a brutal honest and true film - and that writer even tried to Formalize oddball talking! How can Ebert Downvote Les Misérables (2012)?

I saw Les Misérables (2012) SIX times in 10 days in a beautiful theater in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at the two towers (Islam and New York Symbolism there). Tickets were like $7 USA. I think my USA Citibank card even gave me a discount on Friday showings or something (Prayer Day). Been a few years. One of the Theaters there showed Dejango Unchained entirely with no changes from censors which was crazy to me, because they censor a lot of stuff. The Government censored the homosexual scene in Side Effects (2013 ) so badly - which is e=mc^2 meta meta meta because that scene takes place in a corrupted Psycho doctors office, just like we have in True Detective Season 2. I demanded to see the Manager and got refund as the edit cut was so horrible we didn't even know what happened. I had to read the scene on the Internet. Stand up for Art and complain to the Edward Bernays sellers! Roger Ebert had a whole bunch to say on bad projection bulbs and how shitty 3D was! Only in Martin Luther King Jr style can we stand up to the systemic Socratic failures to serve Art!

Back to TD S2: That city with it's twin towers also has an entirely non-corrupt Rail network. It was awesome. On the way back to Texas, I stopped at Tokyo (first time virgin) and went downtown for a layover to see the city (had about 3 hours to walk downtown). Kuala Lumpur's rail system is awesome and cheap. It serves The People. The Taxis, like most places, were often corrupt and had no society Eye of Reason and were in a RIOT. Uber and such are fighting that RIOT! The Eye of Reason on the $1 Bill Is a nice gift from The Founding Fathers - we should use it peer to per like Richard Stallman's GNU/Linux ideals and Public Education!


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Campbell, in California in 1986, to Public Station Broadcast Reporter Bill Moyers: "If you look behind that pyramid, you see a desert. If you look before it, you see plants growing. The desert, the tumult in Europe, wars and wars and wars "


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Water White logic is fucking over Rodney King? Like met meta meta e=mc^2 MURPH!!! Richard Feynman said about Reason in 1) Brazil Education, 2) Uniforms of clothing and Society Honors?

Am I certain, of course not. Campbell discusses that extensively and how Oriental Mythology (Yogi) teaches. We are Transcending copy/paste tropes here, to the Eye of Reason, there is no binary logic shitty trope certainty. But I think it's a modern television American Icon now that fans of True Detective could get. And the line so poetically spoken in Frank's oddball style is excellence by the actor. And the Audience is mocking the printing press - just like James Joyce had his "Second Season story" mocked by the audience resulting in the shutdown after the printing of Chapter 3.

The personal real-world similarities are just too much for me to ignore. The French Troubadour Year 1210 AMOR ideals expressed at the Wedding Ring Toss ceremony were awesomely written and directed. Frank vomited up the Troubadour Dream - and choose to avoid the "Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal" of "heaven is on Earth, and French Public Gift, the Statue Liberty Lady is standing right in front of me - not the Blue Barrels of money in the desert that I push along to go purchase a Ride Home" (Walter White asks a Native American for a ride home, another Mythological transference of White Frankfurter to Mexicans). (Ani is holding her right hand high With Torch in bed on E8 opening, in direct defiance to Edward Bernays 1929 motherfucker that murders and atomic bombs Reason)

I'd love someone to line up the video clips of Walter White pushing and Frank walking.

Another thought: The Mexico Book of Life film also explains the symbolism of the grave dug into the ground. In poetic Troubadour fashion the hole also symbolizes that Walter White put his Barrels in the Ground - and his Brother in Law - corrupting a Marriage - and a State DEA official. Think about those parallels that Ray is the State DEA official corrupted by the lies of a false informer devil who passed a guy about the rape!

"le Cheese" detective insults at the writing of the story I consider seriously misplaced and James Joyce style Ego Vomiting after his Second Season release. Maybe some of you should take your wife named Tristan to Paris for her Forty Year Birthday like I did. We were literally screaming at each outer on which direction to go at the Musée du Louvre. She still divorced me Rambo Style over never understanding what I said about Marriage, haha! True ironic irony e=mc^2 in my "Blue Balls of the Heart" experience. And further ultimate Meta - my ex-wife Tristan grew up in New Mexico and I learned a lot of Native American symbols while visiting her family. Her name, and my Divorce seriously got me interested in what Campbell had to say about the USA before Europe fucked it up in Conquest!

This story speaks to me in my personal life and my Steely Dan Royal Scam I feel is coming out of Wall Street and Edward Bernays. The USA Eye of Reason is welded closed by a Se7en terrorist who is foiling the two Detectives in the name of Newspaper Headlines by frog-croaking Reporters! You want a Real Mythological reporter - go watch the film The Killing Fields. The Reporter in this story is beaten to serve our Frankfurter by a corrupted State Man, and that also points to the general Socratic failures of Public Press in the entire society! Edward Bernays ruling over Truth.

The California criticism is one of my own life: We have Yoga places at every strip mall doing exercise of the physical body, the vagina for sex. We have zero Yogi Book Teaching - to explain the Walter White "heisenberg uncertainty principle" is the very meaning of the Eye of Reason on the USA $1 Greenback!

This took me a massive amount of pondering to decode! And like I said, my direct experience with my ex-wife going to Paris and the Poetic Name her parents gave her. She was born in California and grew up in New Mexico - and I have been throughout all these areas and know American Reason Symbolism and art well enough.