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Pretty much all videos show you how to chain in perfect conditions. Which does not always work out as we chain up in some nasty weather.

  1. Pull your chains out make sure they're in the right direction.

  2. fold in half as shown in the video.

  3. place over outside tire, then fold the other half over the inside tire.

  4. Videos tell and show everyone to spread the chains out and run over them. This does not always work in bad weather.

  5. Do not do #4 unless you want to try it.

  6. reach behind the back tires and connect the chains, then connect the chains in the front

  7. get in truck and roll over the chains.

  8. now connect the middle set of chains, and disconnect and reconnect the inside and outside chains. so you can lock them tight.

  9. put bungies on if you want.

  10. it also doesn't hurt to remove the mudflaps if they come off easily.