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Yes I do have a question.

Why are non white Europeans becoming “citizens?” Only a FREE WHITE PERSON can be a citizen

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Because CivNats think that magic dirt and THE CONSTITUTION is what made America great. Not the countless white pioneers and soldiers that forged this land into a global power.

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Men. Women have proven themselves time and time again to be too susceptible to bullying and enotional appeals to have any place in politics.

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Also, the US was never Mexico, don't let them use that gem.

What they had were territories in constant warfare. They were lucky the US gave them back the majority of the county after the Mexican American war. The US held that country to Mexico City, for fuck's sake. They're lucky as hell there is a Mexico at all

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Yeah if you know anything about Latin American history, these countries have centuries of dysfunction. If we look at the eeeevil American intervention they whine about, they mostly point to it starting around the time of Teddy Roosevelt. Which happened after all kinds of crazy political upheavals in Mexico. They kept trying to kick the Catholic church out even though it was really the only organization providing healthcare, education, stable international links. They also installed an emperor at one point, around the time of our Civil War, who was later executed. A stable country like the US knows (or used to) that you can't have this foolishness on your border without trying to manage it.

And every country in L America is like this. Dr Francia shut Uruguay off from the world, and his daughter was a prostitute. Brazil also tried to install an emperor at some point. Even the great liberator, Bolívar, eventually became discouraged and said revolutions were like trying to plow the sea. Because although he was extraordinary, the people beneath him weren't good enough to create lasting, non-corrupt change. They didn't have the discipline or selflessness of our Anglo-American antecedents.

Latin Americans just don't understand long-term planning or how to play politics. It's a childish outlook and they're always swinging between extremes. The one exception is maybe Argentina. Until Peron, the development of Argentina looks a lot like the development of the US. Migration from overseas, wars against the native people, taming the plains and raising cattle. In the late 1800s-early 1900s there were a lot of Irish, Jews, Italians going to Argentina. It's a lot like the immigrants the US was taking around that same period.

Honestly the only way I see this migration and drug nonsense ending is if we obliterate them. Make their megacities look like Dresden, salt the earth where they grew the drugs, then build the wall along our southern border and shoot the ones who try to climb it. In ten years they'll all be dead of starvation and we can make it America's retirement community.

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The bitch giving the double bird, the police should be able to cut those fingers off.

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Adults giving the bird are childish idiots.

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Kinda lame. I’d prefer the term invaders.

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Top group was told they'd get an extra $5 a month in welfare if they pretended to love America.

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