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There's a lot the article isn't telling us. Most importantly, why is it delayed? In many cases the parental relationship is hard to establish, and the government doesn't just indiscriminately hand out children to strangers. (And can you imagine the outrage if they trusted some trafficker's claims of parentage and put an innocent child into harm's way?) It's possible too that it's just bureaucratic red tape, incompetent, and/or general slowness for a difficult process.

The article also presents it as fact that the purported father is the father (and what makes them so sure? If it's clear-cut perhaps they can present that evidence to the government, if that's the issue), and that his asylum claim was valid. He claimed his life and the life of his daughter were in imminent danger in his homeland, but he traveled THROUGH Mexico, to the US, snuck across the border, and claimed asylum when arrested for that crime? And then chose to go back to the place where he's going to die? And wants his daughter to come there too?

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Anyone born to Mexican citizens is themselves a Mexican citizen, so the choice to stay was theirs. By choosing to stay, especially under circumstances like these, only goes to show the US is objectively a better country. It's either that, or they're too stupid to understand their own laws. Possibly both.

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What the fuck? Family reunifications don't only work one way. These aren't fucking refugees, and no she's not a fucking dreamer, just a burden on the taxpayer.

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So deport the kid.

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I'm sure it was actually her dad

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These people aren't US taxpayers responsibility.

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True, but I am willing for them to use tax dollars to pay for the flight to Guadalajara.

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Illegal invaders don't have rights. Invasion is an act of war. Round them up and gas them, the tots too. I will watch the whole ordeal to test my mettle and see if I can stomach what I prescribe. Save the white race.

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The Jewish Left NPR up to its usual tricks. Instead of calling for the government to ship her back faster, they're boo-hooing about how horrible it is that she's there. Most likely because other Jews delayed her transfer for these optics. And possibly so Jews could rape her too.