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And they aren't even seeking real equality.

Real equality is equality of opportunities. Feminists seek equality of outcomes.

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Fak not even that, they just want everything handed to them at the expense of everybody else

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This is true. They want what men have earned without investing the same effort. It's disgusting. A woman that knows how to be a woman is a treasure to her husband and family. There is no shame in working for your husband and children- it's something to be proud of and frees up a husband's time so that he can perform even better at his job. Win win!

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Feminists don't want to sign up for selective service, that's for sure. They don't want to work in the mines either- nope, just the well paid, air conditioned cushy jobs, please.

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The blackpill is that women don't even deserve equality of opportunity

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Care to explain why? I'll just put my cards on the table: I don't believe that people automatically deserve or don't deserve things only because of their sex. It has more to do with their individual merit. But I'd be interested in your opinion anyway.

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Opportunity is like a tool. Like a hammer. You can use it to build or tear down. Feminists are filled with hate, so they use their opportunity to 'get revenge' on the entire society. Every time they get power they destroy as much as they can with smug smiles until the men regain control.

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Even the cat looks concerned...

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"Karen, please stop."

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This. I've seen tons of party girls in their twenties hit thirty and all of a sudden it's a personal crisis. They immediately become feminist and guilt men into giving into their bullshit. Before they would get drinks for free, now they want jobs and respect without lifting a finger.

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Most of them are incapable of admitting it.

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I know one that dug her heels in and decided to hate children and families. Now she collects animals and bitches all day on FB about Trump. It's so sad.

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It's so sad to watch.

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I work in IT. The liberal manager hired a female as our first co-op. She was useless, and depended on other people to do her work for her ... which I refused. She even made a pass at me sexually ... which I also refused. She switched career paths likely realizing she can't fuck her way to the top on my team. Now we're redoing her work for her anyway.

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Have you noticed all the posts across social media lately bemoaning the "horrible" new abortion laws in the southern US? I can't help but think that we traded our birthright for a mess of pottage as women. Some things are better for us now than they were but others...I shudder to think at how far we've fallen from grace. Feminism hasn't made women happier or more fulfilled; it's just given us a set of hoops to jump through. You have to want a degree. You have to want a career. You need to have lots of sexual experiences with multiple partners. You have to be pro-choice and preferably vote left. You shouldn't get married young and kids are best avoided until you can no longer drown out the ticking of your biological clock. You shouldn't be overly feminine because that's patriarchal; if you are fat you'd damn well better stay that way or else it's not "body positive"; if you focus on being thin and fit and dressing sexy, prepare to be despised by all and sundry. And if you are like the majority of us here - conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, Christian, white, pro-family values and traditional gender roles, well, there's no room for you at all because feminism is not really about giving women choices and freedom. I don't think it ever was.

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This really needs to be it's own post. Seriously. Would you mind doing that?

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Let me phrase it from another angle. When you are a young girl and not fat, virtually any guy would fuck you. This should not be confused with "marry you". Only a handful would not only fuck you but also marry you. The constant attention is a lot of fun.

When you are a not any more young girl, virtually no one wants to fuck you and nobody gives you that special attention. Except the guy you were already fucking wehn you were young for precisely that reason.

If this guy is no longer in your live, nobody will want to give you that special attention. That's not only not fun it's just depressing.

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Young ladies used to be taught this. They're no longer educated about their SMV. If they embrace feminism and all that comes with it, they will likely end up alone (sometimes they 'become' fat lesbians to stave off loneliness other times they invest in animals. Most become bitter, angry, and drunkards.

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"Nobody's gonna buy the whole friggin' ice cream truck if you're giving away the popsicles for free!"

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cats thinking "here we go again. in 3 hours she'll be wiping tears off her face with me".

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Even the cat is thinking "Dear God, what has my life come to..."

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Haven't seen you in a minute. Nice to see you around. :)

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