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Very much in agreement. Ballet, classical dance and even folk dancing can be a beautiful and artistic and very moving expressions of emotion and joy.

Be aware if enrolling in general dance classes that these frequently include hip hop and urban dance.

If your purpose for dance includes beauty & grace, hip hop will take them in exactly the opposite direction.

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hip hop and urban dance.

This is just the niggerification of culture

don't let this happen to your daughters

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Precisely. Someday your daughter WILL end up at a club, and if you don't teach her to stay away from these filthy niggers and arabs, and not tolerate nigger/arab behaviour from white males...let me know your address...

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I took ballet as a girl. Highly recommend. The discipline part was greatly emphasized. Multiple people have told me “I move like a deer” when I play sports. Not entirely sure what that means but I’m sure I have ballet to thank!

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It means you don't slouch around like a weak fuck. I can't understand how many comments I get for sitting and standing upright like a fucking human. May I ask what ages you were involved in ballet and if you suffered any health effects?

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Haha that's a funny way to put it. I can see how good posture would set you apart from others, but I wish it was more common. I think I did ballet from two to six and also from nine to ten. Nothing professional or anything. I did gymnastics between. No health effects! Never had an injury and I don't have Marfan's or anything like that. I'd love to have my daughters do ballet when they're two. It a healthy and fun way to gain strength, control, and focus; but also fun to watch because it's just the cutest thing in the world!

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“I move like a deer”

Ummm... I hate to tell you this. But that means they are trying to tell you you need to wax your mustache.

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I have enough sport related injuries and ballet knowledge to know enough not to let my kid get way into it but I think serious dance, music, or gymnastics are a great female equivalent to martial arts for male children. FWIW I don't want my daughter to be a kickboxer or jiujitsu ace but I am going to teach her how to shoot and how to fuck up some chick who grabs her hair or some guy who tries to "get fresh"(date rape).

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Gorgeous! And true. Our daughter did ballet for 8 years and loved it. She learned many things and she still breaks out her moves on a regular basis. Unfortunately for her, one of the lessons we learned was that dance culture, being run entirely by women and mothers and little girls, can be a deeply catty, cliquey thing to navigate. Dance culture would strongly benefit from the presence of a few strong men - fathers in particular - who stand up and say NO, my daughter isn't wearing that, NO, my daughter isn't going to gyrate and pelvic thrust like that, NO, dear, it's not "cute", it's trashy. Find yourself a good dance studio, one that only teaches ballet if you can. It's worth putting them in a class. But probably steer clear of jazz or tap because it's very grown up nowadays.

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Ballet classes are in most cases a positive danger to a child's posture. Ballet dancers often use the Alexander Technique to attempt to overcome some of the truly harmful habits that are developed in the process of learning ballet. I wouldn't recommend ballet for any child unless they have already taken some Alexander Technique lessons, or they are liable to develop bad habits and a strained posture.

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You're not wrong at all. Alexander Technique is a wonderful method and that I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to move more effectively. That being said, a girl doing ballet from age 3-10 isn't going to develop any serious issues. It's once girls are older and go to pointe that problems begin.

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I must respectfully disagree. Children a hundred years ago were becoming overstimulated and discoordinated by the age of four. If a child's education is not properly structured with respect to the use of their bodies, their fear reflexes will be unduly excited and the development of bad habits is all but inevitable.

I have nothing against ballet per se, but I felt it necessary to object to the idea that ballet will improve posture.

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Agreed! My niece trains and competes in the ice version, figure skating/ice dancing. It takes extreme dedication and perseverance.

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My mom didn't let me go on pointe so my feet are fine. Lots of parents won't let their daughters go to pointe.

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I am trying to asking about this. My elbows still hurt from martial arts sometimes but I think it was worth it. I don't think I will allow my kids to get too high a level into any pursuit because you have to limit the shit out of your development to be great at something. I like being good at almost everything, knowing what I am poor at, and being great at a few things.

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