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Last night my husband was working late in his office (home office). I'd purchased a lovely navy satin and lace gown that morning, so when it looked like he was going to be pulling another late nighter and I wasn't going to get to show off my nightgown I took him in a cup of tea before I headed off to bed... lets just say the nightgown was "appreciated" right then and there in the office. Edit - he messaged me on his way home from work asking if the nightgown could make an appearance tonight.. Shows I’ve certain let my sleepware game drop these last few year. This might be a excuse to buy a new sleepware wardrobe as he obviously approves, I actually purchased it on a whim after reading a post on here about kimono wraps/ dressing gowns. I’ve ditched my old fluffy one for a pretty one, he’s not see that yet though. Thanks for keeping me looking fine ladies.

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"youre on my hair!".

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I’ve been searching around I live for more delicate nightgowns, but I can’t seem to find any. This summer I’m going to make a couple.

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Sometimes you can find some really nice and gently used nightgowns at high-end estate sales on the cheap.

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Empress, my wife also has such long hair, and my sister as well. So every single day the first website they visit it https://www.hairstylery.com/, where they look onto dozens of examples of haircuts and hair styles, from best masters of this field. You know, it is absolutely not easy to handle this long hair.

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spam, downvoat

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Not the word I would use, but sure whatever.

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Feminine is sexy. Marriage is filled with dishes, diapers, and chores- it's important to try to stay sexy for your man.

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And yourself.

I've always had a half formed theory that women turn themselves on by being sexy, while men are also turned on by her being sexy. I suppose that would make feminine sexuality introverted and masculine extroverted, and part of the explanation of why feminist females become self centered to a pathological degree.