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So sad that this is true. All you have to do is not eat like a pig and exercise at least moderately and it puts you head and shoulders above most women.

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How to get a man: Don't be an obese blob.

The End.

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I'm not going to go on an anti-woman rant but it helps if you're not boring as well. So many women are clones of each other with the same dull interests of Netflix, social media, Game of Thrones, Marvel movies and Snapchat filters for interest. I'd rather bang my head against the wall than talk to them.

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Half? I am lucky if I see one woman a MONTH who follows these basic rules. I live in a liberal hellhole so that is why for the most part. but as a man I agree COMPLETELY. When I was single I would never ever flirt up a scantilly dressed girl or one with tats or hideously died hair (some minor hightlighs are ok IMO). Trowled on makup is a game-ender as well. Best women are confident and proper and sharp.

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No no, you're all right it's more than half lol. I tend to go with underestimating.

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Half!? I want to live where you live. Where I am at, a girl with a healthy BMI and no tattoos will automatically be a 10/10, regardless of her face or how she dresses.

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Generally speaking, the way a woman preserves herself is by not doing things. That's why the list of shit to do is so short (i.e. dress nice and maintain a slim figure).

Don't drink excessively. Don't do drugs. Don't be a promiscuous whore. Don't speak out of turn. Don't eat junk food. So on and so forth.

In contrast, a man can generally get away with more (not that they should) if they do more, i.e. work more, make more money, gain more power. A woman retains value by not doing. Men must maintain value by doing.

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Precisely. Women have their highest value at the beginning of their adulthood, while men reach higher value as they age and gain success.

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Do or do not. There is no try.

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Skinny fat doesn't count.

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One would hope a traditional woman is active enough taking care of the household and chasing after her children. If not, supplementing with workouts is a must.

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active enough taking care of the household and chasing after her children


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According to my Fitbit, I walk several miles every day just doing housework/dropping off and picking up kids/grocery shopping/prepping and cooking dinner. I am at "exercise" heart rate for at least 30 minutes of every day doing those things as well, especially the vacuuming, wherein I move/lift furniture, sweep and dust, use attachments to clean on top of and below things or do the walls, ceilings, ceiling fans, curtains. I usually barely sit down until it's time to eat (and then I barely get up, lol).

That's aside from the 2-3 I walk every day with the dog in the park.

It's not hard to stay slim and fit if you are actually taking care of your home and family instead of just taking.

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Workouts in the bedroom will lead to workouts chasing the children.

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There's a lot of that going around for sure. I remember looking at the "hot" chicks that all the boys wanted in high school. Some of them married a few years after they graduated. They're pretty much all gargantuan hambeasts now.

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You can thank vegan/vegetarian/plant-based diet propaganda for some of that. Some.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPW3rbqWNu4 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnLHoHHef54 &

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I would love to be 20lbs lighter than I am at the moment. But, then again I am 7 months pregnant with my 2nd baby (2 under 2). I eat very clean, and generally walk 2 miles a day or every other day. I’m still curvy but not chubby by all means. I used to be obsessed with being very thin and it was unhealthy, & and won’t ever wish to be that small again (100lbs) curves in the right places are sexy, in my opinion.

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I'm sure you look fantastic. So long as they're not overweight, pregnant women are by default beautiful in my eyes. You're doing an amazing thing, and it sounds like you're being mindful of what you eat.

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Very true. If a woman doesn't have self respect, her children will have to learn it from someone else. Since this is hard to find nowadays, they'll most likely end up rejected by intelligent/strong white men and will settle for a nigger or spic.

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More than half.

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