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So the big up scale hotel here does etiquette classes, which include a dance as well. Girls must attend with white gloves and heels between 1-2”. Boys will not be able to come into class without a proper tie, and must wear a bow tie the last day. Parents can observe the dance but must wear a similar dress code.

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I appreciate gloves being worn. I was reminded yesterday of my regretfully dropping a ballroom dancing class at college after 3 classes because at least one of the guys in there had "acid hands". I wished I could have worn gloves but I would have been the only girl doing it and I didn't want to call negative attention to myself. I shook hands with a mechanic yesterday and my hand started bothering me until a little while after I washed them.

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Love it!

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Is Cotillion like a Debs ball? Because Debs Balls are wonderful traditions but I don't think they should be limited to the Gentry or people of the aristocracy.

As my Mum used to tell us "I can't afford to send you to the local private school, but teaching you to speak like you went there costs nothing"

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Is Cotillion like a Debs ball?

Kind of but not exactly. Cotillion is a sort of class that 13-14 yr olds attend once a week during the school year and they learn how to dance properly (waltz, foxtrot, etc), manners, etc. At the end of the year a dance is held and the kids dress up and attend their first formal. They've been training all year on the rules and etiquette and then they put it in action.

A Debutante Ball is invitation only and is the time when ladies (20-21 yrs old) are presented to society as eligible for marriage. White evening dresses are worn as well as full length kid or cotton gloves. The men who attend are supposedly screened as eligible bachelors.

What I'm suggesting is a new League/Organization that is for families that live with traditional morals and values. It wouldn't have to be an aristocratic thing.

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Oh that sounds wonderful. Especially that classes are spread over a year as it means the group gets to grow together and become good friends. And you're never too young to learn good manners or how to dance

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Exactly! Big cities tend to have chapters but if you're going to live rurally you may need to start one.

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In the city I grew up in there was this cotillion stuff, it was NOT my scene so I never was interested in going, but they had dances with kids from all the high schools that were a part of it. Let me tell you what...they were NOT AT ALL trad in fact the dancing was very very degenerate (I heard from my friends) so idk if this would work out. Just take the kids to church.

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That's why I'm suggesting a trad version.