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A love coupon is a horrible idea. Don't do it.

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Agreed. Not all of these are good ideas, but I thought there were enough good ones in there to be worth posting.

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I have dated and lived with some heartless whores

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It's really sad how common that is. The feminist princess mentality girls are raised with creates women who are both entitled and view themselves as victims who need revenge on the world. They'll never be happy, and neither will anyone near them unless they can figure out they've been lied to and reform themselves.

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I read the first half of that list and stopped. The worthless tramps I wasted years on. kills me

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Very nice list of reminders, thanks for posting.

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I mean,most of these don't seem like the sort of thing that should be considered a surprising act of kindness - saying something nice about him, smiling at him when he gets home, giving him the benefit of the doubt, spending time with him, kissing him on the cheek, these should all be the default for a relationship rather than extras that will surprise him. Geez. I feel sorry for a man who is surprised by his wife being nice to him. He should've married someone else.

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I agree that being kind and thoughtful and showing appreciation for your husband should be default behavior. I agree that this list is an odd mix of things one could do as a surprise and things one should be doing every day, with a couple things one probably ought not to do at all thrown in. I basically just liked it as a reminder to think of and appreciate your husband in big and small ways, but I can see how it's an odd list and implies some different things than I intended.

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I felt the same way reading this list. Most of these things are a given on a day to day basis for me in my marriage. I couldn’t imagine a day going by without listening to my husband without forming a response, kissing his cheek, spending time with him, joining him in the shower, among others.

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More confirmation that my wife is god-tier. Thanks, OP.

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The word "blowjob" is nowhere to be found on that entire list. We don't want random kisses on the cheek. We want random blowjobs. The sooner you dummies get that, the better all our lives will be.

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welp, now i know whats bugging me about my marriage

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I love this sub.

One of these days, I hope to find someone righteous and good natured as ya'll

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