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Man oh man, deferred gratification is the bedrock of your best life.

  • Eating a giant bowl of ice cream feels good in the moment, but will ruin you long-term.
  • Spending money you don't have on junk you don't need makes you a bit happy temporarily, but screws you long term.
  • Staying home to study rather than going out to a party once in a while has more long-term benefits.
  • Working out and pushing yourself sucks in the moment, but has immense long-term benefits.
  • Having casual sex with randoms feels good for a moment, but has the capability to ruin your life.
  • Drinking or drugs can be fun in the moment, but can end your life.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

Civilization is built on deferring gratification.

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Have you read Scott Peck's book The road less traveled ?

It talks about relationships & spirituality while revolving around the subject of delayed gratification. A great book to read once in a while.

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Great reminder for me to read that book again. +1 Putt Points

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That book should be in every high school's curriculum, it had such a great impact on me.

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The positive concept of delayed gratification is being used as lube to get you to accept other ideas here by a company whose chief product is propaganda and social engineering. In this case it seems the author chose a single idea to make a case for, and then wrote a lot of filler to prop it up.

Learn to choose better sources of information.