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Clearly the one of the left is liberated and free, thus happier. Remember, taking on any modicum of responsibility means you're a slave to capitalism and the patriarchy.

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Also can afford much better liquor

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Picture on the left is too staged looking, should use a pic of a real thot passed out in her own vomit with piss all over her pants.

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Yes it is.

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The woman on the left actually has her shit together. It's clear she works out. If this was real and not a model she would have a gut and flabby arms, if not completely obese.

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Implying you cant chug wine, smoke and play with your child. Tsk tsk silly newfags.

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Not accurate. The one on the left is still worlds better than the average lard barge.

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This picture is weak. On the left, if it's her lifestyle, no way she could look attractive in the slightest. She'd be fat, flabby and, because deep down she understands that living like that is wrong, she'd be unprovokedly and aggressively defensive. Also she'd have unusual hair color. And theories.

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I don't get it. Is this board women who want to be traditional or men wanting women to be traditional ?

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It's a bit of both.

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Why would anyone ever sit around with stray individual cigarettes strewn about? They come in a pack

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