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When almost all news is bad, this is fantastic. I hope many more are carrying than are getting permits to carry.

Individuals taking responsibility for their own security is one of very few things that gives us a chance. If you have not decided to take responsibility for yourself yet, please reconsider asap.

Don't forget to thousands of rounds to go with your gun. You'll need 2,000 to create (hopefully good) habits, and you'll want more than that if you ever can't get anymore.

Once you have armed yourself, tell people you care about to arm themselves, too.

Of all the things we do, or want to do, that don't amount to shit... This is the opposite. This means everything. Do it today.

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I agree that this is good news. I just wanted to add that the second amendment does not prescribe a permit registry for gun owners.

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2A makes all women and men equal. Being able to defend yourself gives you the greatest bundle of rights.

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Very good

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Rapists strongly oppose conceal carry

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so do commies and libtards

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Good. Gun control is anti woman.

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That is a good thing. A woman should carry a sharp weapon as well as a lead injection tool.

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That's RACIST though.