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I'd doing well but wish I had more sleep. Thanks for asking. My neighbor comes to watch the kids a couple times a week so that I can grocery shop and cook meals for the week and put some in the freezer. Am using @Le_Squish's guest-ready bathroom plan and have plenty of Clorox wipes on hand for daily wipe downs. Purchased a Bissel Symphony Pet Mop which is worth its weight in gold. It vacuums up pet hair while simultaneously steam mopping. My house is mostly in pretty good shape but it will never be perfect....there's always a mail pile or something that needs to be polished or dusted.

The twins are doing extremely well and I couldn't be more pleased. They're teething now so that's an added challenge but the teething gel seems to be working nicely. Both are sleeping well for the most part and they're changing a little bit every day. Really enjoying my time with them but also really appreciate the breaks when they come.

Forgot to mention- I got someone to come in once a month to do the heavy cleaning. I just don't have the time, energy nor the inclination to clean the inside of the fridge these days. My laundry situation isn't perfect but my husband has clean clothes to wear. The dogs clean up any crumbs on the floor... I live in a dusty area so if I don't dust twice a week, it shows- still makes me cringe but am getting better about being okay with it. Sometimes I prop bottles up on receiving blankets to feed them and shut my eyes instead of giving them my undivided attention. Not a perfect mom but am doing my best.


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Oh sleep! How I miss thee!

Good to hear from you! Sounds like you are doing a great job and (unsurprisingly) are more on top of the housecare than me. I should get someone to come around and help so I can cook some dinners, that's a good idea. Baby sleep in the carrier while I shop, which is nice.

I'm just trying to add a chore back in every in week. Hopefully we will move to a bigger place soon and I can have a fresh start.