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And best of luck to you too!

I'm lucky that I have a dryer (tried air drying the nappies once and hubby complained they were not soft enough for the baby!).

I wanted to prep frozen food for after baby was born but didn't want to do it too early and have it not last as long... Aaand then guess who thought coming early would be nice!


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Haha oh no..but thank goodness everything turned out ok with you guys!

Its so nice your husband was on board with cloth it took me awhile to convince mine especially since he is the one that spends the most time with the baby now so now and again I hear mumbles but the money saved , I really wish I had done this with my first.

Are you also doing the reusable wipes? Im on the fence about it. It seems like more of a chore , the diapers are one thing but wipes are just so easy to go through and I love them just not the cost.


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My husband was anti-cloth until we had the baby, now very pro cloth and tells everyone who will listen how much money we have saved...he was also against elimination communication until he saw how well it works, and again tells everyone who will listen how many nappies we can reuse in a day without washing. We use the modern cloth ones too so they are very easy to use.

We do use cloth wipes at home mostly but we do have some Water Wipes we use sometimes and when we are out. I don't find them much effort at all and having a winter baby / not buying a wipe warmer the baby LOVES the warm wet cloth over the colder (hand & breath warmed) packet disposables. I also didn't want to use the chemically wipes and husband does not like the price of Water Wipes!