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That's a good point, but I'm trying to be objective as possible about this and this is the data available to me.

But, accepting that I agree with your premise. (Which I do). It would be a stretch to say a person could be so efficient as to sustainably double their production. So, if we are being VERY generous, the best we can say is this is only viable if you value your time at a rate of $3.00 / hour, and most people, even housewives with no "official salary", will agree that their time is worth more than $3.00 / hour.

If I had a wife who did this as a token of appreciation to prove she loves me enough to put in the time, I'd probably be appreciative of that token. But, if she were to continue doing this every day, I'd be a bit miffed that I'm going to work so that we can easily afford paper bags, no problem, but she's choosing to spend her time on this and not something more important.

In other words, a housewife had better be more productive than $3.00 / hour, even if that means spending some money to free her up to do the more productive things.

MAAAAAYBE, just MAAAAAAYBE... If times are tough you give this as a project for the kids to do. Their time can be justified at $3.00 / hour. But, if the wife is valuing her time at $3.00 / hour, there needs to be a conversation.