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We used to have a solution to this problem: women who had children with bad boys gave the child up for adoption at birth to couples who were actually competent.

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This happened with the man I've been seeing. He was extremely premature and developed cerebral palsy as a result. His Mum knew she could not cope, so he was adopted at 10 weeks old.

As much as I wishthese situations, where women have a baby with a moron, were avoided, I have a lot of respect for someone who says "I cannot, but these people can and they are who I want to raise my baby". Takes guts, in my opinion, especially in a society which tells women abort, or keep it, you'll be fiiiiinnnnnee

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I would also love to hear more about babies. Trad wives do it right I bet you ladies have great tips

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You could create a subvoat or there is v/parenting & v/raisethemright . Reddit is cancer, as they say, but some other pregnancy and baby forums may be worse.

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I know what you mean! I'm not pregnant yet, but I've started reading pregnancy forums a lot. Sooo many posts about problems arising from bad communication and from women expecting their husbands to spontaneously change personalities.

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I always wonder how many of those women are complaining, not because their husbands really are unsupportive or clueless, but rather because their own expectations are unrealistic, they're full of resentment because they're exhausted and hormonal while their husband gets to sleep through the night, and their ability to communicate what they want and need is abysmal.

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This is rather haughty. While ideally these problems wouldn’t be a part of a solid marriage, it seems arrogant to assume that one will never face problems like these. Things happen, people change. If someone is trying their best to salvage their relationship, then why by condescending and abrasive? If you want more of a certain kind of post, how about you make some of them instead of belittling other people.

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It sounds to me like you think she's talking about posters on this sub, but I'm pretty sure she's referring to posters on pregnancy forums that aren't on voat.