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While having lots of white children is a great thing there's no way in hell I'd let my daughter wear a bikini but especially so at such a young age.

[–] juicedidwtc 17 points 3 points (+20|-17) ago 

oh no, people can see her belly button, the horror.

[–] ExceptionEncountered 7 points 20 points (+27|-7) ago  (edited ago)

Try making an argument without sarcasm... What I hear you saying is, "...But I want to see the little girls belly button!" Or do you not know about child predation? This is clearly in the public and those girls are clearly too young to be that scantily clad. Modesty, especially in today's society, needs to be taught from home.

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I wonder how it is with 7? I have 4 beautiful children now, some days I just want some peace and quiet

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They look after each other as they get older. One kid needs constant attention.

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That must make it a little difficult.

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I am friends with a family of 13 with another on the way. It's a mad house daily.

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And you miss all the noise when it's gone.

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Yeah but think of all that free labor.

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How long did that take? If you lose a year of ovulation breast feeding thats 1 kid per 21 months with perfect fertility.

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That’s when you send them out in the fenced in back yard to play for a while.

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They just dig holes. They are full of energy so I make them try to keep up with me on my bike.

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Honestly the fourth isn't that bad. Keeping the other children from waking the baby though.

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Wife: 7 kids, pregnant, and still human sized. Now THAT's inspirational.

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Looks like a beautiful family. May the Gods smile upon their future!

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What a beautiful family

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Future belongs to those who show up for it. -mark steyn

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Nice. Is that two sets of twins?

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Depends on what is in her belly. That is a damn proud Mom and I salute her!

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Enough to make any father proud.

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