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You don’t have to respond to this but when they recommend having sex to cause contractions they mean unprotected sex which is what normally causes my wife’s water to break. If you haven’t done that yet, give it a shot!

Best wishes and let us know if you’re ok!

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Unprotected sex is also what induced labor in my wife both times.

It's good too because you're not getting laid for a while after the baby comes, anyways. Best to get the last few times in.

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Sperm softens the cervix

Doctors are horrible and will do anything they can to stop a woman from having a natural pregnancy without interventions.

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Yes they will. C section for almost any reason- induced labor for convenience and just because.

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Might as well try a bunch of different positions while you're at it.

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All the best! Praying it goes smoothly, let us know if you can.

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Pitosin is going to make the labor horrible. Praying for you. Doctors dont know best.

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Before you do all that, go to a car dealership and have the husband test drive a fast car with you in it.

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An abdominal push is an abdominal push.

Also this way you have a fast ride to the hospital.

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That motherfucker had better come out white or you have some serous explaining to do.

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Best of luck and prayers.

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Best Wishes !!!! Let us know.

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Good luck and i hope it okay and yall too

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