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Beautiful. Thank you. God bless you and your loved ones in Jesus Christ.

Its disgusting how accepted abortion is these days. It's really heart wrenching. Even here on voat pepple are pro abortion (in a strictly racist manner).

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God bless you, this is a very Majestic prayer. Very eloquent.

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On the flip side if 12% of the population is responsible for 50% of the yearly murders imagine what it would be like if they were 24%, let alone 50%

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Right, more of the population should do their share and filter out more unwanted babies. Jesus, can you imagine how great that would be for the Earth in general?

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" more of the population "

I've said nothing about the population in general, I've specifically referred to niggers

And yes, 2050 25% of the world population is projected to be african, 2100 it's 40%, conservative UN estimates


So yeah... We're evidently going to have some sort of supply and demand problem, if africans keep failing at controlling their dicks, and they likely will

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Peace be with.

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And with your spirit.

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Abortion is murder, and I love Jesus, but dark skinned hordes being used by the left to threaten, scare, and kill white skinned people disgusts me. I see it everywhere.

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Overpopulation will be the death of us.It is far past time to take responsibility as a species and limit population growth.Amen.

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**Limit population growth in third world countries where it's exploding and not even sustainable without help from Western nations aid Amen.

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Thang god save these children from these mothers.

oh wait the mothers do it alone!

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Whos your dealer. Might wanna ask him what kind of crap he puts in your drugs

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Ah my dealer? he's very old. He gave me the same shit he gives smart people.

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