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The more you have, the more you need to do.

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So true!

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My mom keeps trying to convince me that the house my husband and I are buying from my in-laws is too small to raise a family in. Never mind that my husband grew up here just fine. It is a three bedroom on a quarter acre of fenced suburbia. My town is over 95% white. Very low crime. On a hill out of flood inundation zones. It does have small rooms, but it has everything we want and need. I'm so happy to have what we have.

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Great to see you back Empress!

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Indeedy Mam... being a good steward is certainly half the battle... thanks for this!

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I was thinking about this the other day, and the issue is that economics is about time and efficiency of ones technically. And if you have lesser of either someone else simply dominates you. Don't buy the latest consumer goods? You may get rolled over. Probably will

This is why certain races were obliterated or conquered; if they can't maintain a technological civilisation they can't compete.