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It's about women's choice, and making others responsible for the consequences. It is reprehensible to ever hold women accountable.

They can fuck whoever, whenever, and you are condemned if you judge their promiscuity. You are the arsehole if you oppose socialised healthcare which forces strangers to pay for the effects on their health. You are the backward misogynist if you don't enthusiastically support abortion. You hate the poor if you oppose welfare which forces strangers to pay for their reproduction. You are oppressive if you think boredom is an unsatisfactory reason for breaking up a family. You are horrible if you even point out the terrible outcomes for children from single mothered homes.

They can willingly fuck a guy and they can choose to withdraw consent the next day, and you are the rape apologist if you dare to even hesitate in your full, unquestioning agreement with her actions and his culpability.

They would make the right choices if we granted them agency. I might buy a Lamborghini too, if I could force some stranger to make the repayments and have the entirety of society ready to scream him down as an arsehole if he dared to complain.

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Sounds about right. Family law is all about letting brave empowered women do whatever they like. Don't want a kid? We'll pay a doctor to kill it for you. Want a kid? Have one, he'll pay for it. Want to raise the kid yourself? Here's full custody, he still pays, even if you remarry. Want him to raise the kid too? Don't worry, alimony is for women only, you don't owe a cent.

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I occasionally hear feminists talk about how default primary custody going to women is sexist. If the majority of women decide that their careers or their sexual promiscuity is more important to them than raising their children (or using their children as a weapon against their husbands in divorce), the courts will surely follow. Along with a miraculous abolishment of child support, probably.

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What you're disagreeing with is nothing that I said. I said that if men start commonly getting primary custody of their children in divorce cases because the women don't want it, we'll likely see the courts stop awarding child support.

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Kids brought up in a family that hates one another or wants to leave but "stays together for the kids" are just as if not more destined to have a bleak future especially with thinking this hatred for your significant other is normal

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The point is to turn future generations off of this degenerate tangent. REMOVE the financial incentive of child support and child welfare support and watch women start to love their families more. & the added benefit of forcing kids to choose partners more carefully, relying more on the of the wisdom of the parents for advice etc. The west is fucked when it comes to this but who knows, maybe it can be undone. Wanna divorce? Fine. Dont dump YOUR RESPONSIBILITY on the shoulders of the other taxpayer, else youre a frigin leech!

A society where 70% of families are divorced will NOT yield a bright future for any country. The future is in the KIDS. Always have been, nd always will be. But we have too many stipid fucks just going out and fucking never marying and dying alone. These are the scum of society.

edit: i dare say that if you have no family no kids, your vote should count for HALF. You obviously dont give a shit about the future of your society.