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Never date a girl who drinks more than 1/2 of what you do. Ideally, girls shouldn't drink at all. Women are the stabilizing force on many of the moral and social fronts where guys tend to go to extremes.

You want a girl who can rein in your drinking, smoking, and other bad habits. Not one who drags you down further. A good woman will not bug you about this stuff, but she will nudge you to change. A nudge from a woman you respect and love is everything. It will make you quit drinking. It will make you buckle down and study and get a degree in engineering, stick with your business, or accomplish whatever other positive goals and endeavors you have set for yourself. It's not for nothing that they used to say "behind every successful man is a good woman."

A woman who believes in you, supports you, and nudges you forward is maybe the most powerful force a man can have in his life outside of a belief in some kind of God. Just as a bitch who nags you, drags you down, and can't be trusted is the most poisonous, lethal, and destructive thing you can experience.