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if a guy fantasizes about watching you getting fucked by another man, its a sign he can't stand up for himself and will fold when confronted by a mugger. I had bugged him about why he only bought used rust buckets for cars that were barely holding together when he had money from his job in finance (he made just over 6 figures the rest went over my head). i found out when he was held up, he just tossed the keys out the window and walked away like it was nothing. Didn't even call the cops, and never canceled the insurance. Thankfully i never married the weak bastard, but it cost me 5 years before i figured out i wasted my time.


[–] TimberWolfAlpha 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

I mean, the rest of that is pathetic, but I wouldn't place TOO much importance in what someone spends on a vehicle. Me, I just can't at all stand how fast they depreciate. I buy em a little better than that (in the $4,000 to 8,000 range) and just savor owning my truck outright, no strings on me, no bank looming like the sword of damocles.


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he would NEVER consider buying a vehicle above $1500 at most, and try to talk them down to $1000. he had 60k in the bank that he never touched, even when his car broke down going back to his parents for the holidays. i wound up driving him around for holiday trips after that first year just so i would not have to deal with his bullshit about cars. Looking back, i honestly have no idea wtf was wrong with him.

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back then i was waiting for him to bulk out like both of his brothers did, which never happened. I dumped him around 16 years ago this August.


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Typical cuck. Never wait on a man, we know if you're the 'one' in a month.


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His brothers were just as thin as he was before they hit a growth spurt their junior and senior year. My ex never hit that growth spurt. I could not date either of his brothers, so i 'settled' for 3rd best. turns out a beta is just a beta, and there's no magic hormone you can inject or wand you can wave to make a weakling into a man.


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You dated a freemartin. Not a real man. Ftm tranny. That's why he wanted real men to fuck you. It's also why "he" was a coward and made lots of money.

How big were his hips and were his shoulders sloped? Did he have a small penis/ a hard time performing? Sounds like a freemartin to me 100%!


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Name calling. There are more appropriate and accurate explanations.


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He was more of a runt of his family. Both brothers of his had square shoulders and were 150% as broad as his, just like their father. This guy looked like he had not hit puberty yet at 22, thin, shoulders and hips close to the same width, cowardly, but great at numbers and money. I mostly stuck around him to see if he would ever grow out of his weakness and be more like his brothers. Such a shame they got married out of highschool, but then again that's what devout catholics do. another thing that should have been a red flag was that he didn't take catholicism seriously. I could push him around sooo easily, it was cute at first, but such a waste of time.