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Not just looks.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. Try to meet both parents early in the relationship. Your partner's relationships with their own parents is a strong indicator of how they'll relate to you once the honeymoon period has ended.


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You speak the truth. In my situation, my wife did not receive parenting from both parents due to the early divorce. My mother-in law learned the hard way with her poor decisions. It’s funny because many times I consider speaking with her mother about issues because I know she’ll agree with me because she already learned that lesson. On the other hand it’s her daughter and I refrain because I worry she’ll just act like a typical irrational woman. Maybe one day I’ll pull this trigger.


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I would start early if you are going for the long-haul.

Whenever you have the MIL away from the wife is best. MIL needs someone to reinforce ideas like a sounding board before confidence sets in. Otherwise she might forget the lessons and change her opinion.