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I have a huge basket of cleaning rags under my sink, and a drawer bursting with tea towels. I desperately need some cute and supportive flats for the spring...not everything suits a pair of strappy sandals! I have a ton of funky aprons, which I love. I prefer not to store food items on the counter, but I have two crocks full of utensils on display, and a vintage bread box my mom gave me, so...close? :)

Tea set? oh, I can show you tea sets and good china! I have a lovely semi-formal set that my paternal grandparents bought me for a wedding gift. I have a casual set my grandmother-in-law gave us for a wedding gift. I have paternal grandmother's teapot, cups, and saucers that she had in her cupboards when I was a kid, as well as three of her special collector's edition teacups and saucers, which I inherited when she passed. I have some fancy ones from grandmother-in-law that I inherited when she passed. I have my dad's grandmother's fancy china that has been in my family for decades (it's so gorgeous!! it's covered in little fir boughs and pinecones, which suits me better than flowery dishes), and it has a full set of teacups and saucers. I'm about to inherit my maternal grandmother's good china as well. My china cabinet is my pride and joy - I love having family heirlooms. I love that I can sit down and have a cup of tea from a lovely piece of china that was once cradled in the hands of a lady I love and miss...it's a good way to keep their memory alive. It's like being entrusted with a bit of family history, you know? One day it will all be parceled out to my kids and grandkids. So I would say that a well-stocked china cabinet is also a must for a retro housewife. It's pretty special!

Good skin care is a must for any woman! My mom taught me to look after my skin when I was a young teenager. She told me that when you're young you have the skin you were born with, but as you age you have the skin you've earned. She was right! Wear sunscreen, wash your face with the gentlest product that will meet your skin's needs, and use face cream. Doesn't have to be expensive or fancy; it just needs to keep you hydrated. Your face will thank you!

Water...yup! Am always thirsty. Cotton dresses...heh...I'm more of a two-piece gal. I wear lots of pants and tunics, or skirts and tops. I do try to look ladylike and chic if I can possibly manage, which I think is the important takeaway here. Don't settle for yoga pants and unwashed hair, ladies! Take some time, even ten minutes, to put on something pretty and practical, tidy your hair, comb your brows, and toss on some jewelry or a splash of perfume. It makes the day go better.

Household binder...nope! I have a to do list, I have a finance calendar so I can keep track of our mortgage payments and stuff, and I have a homeschooling calendar that has our daily lessons written out (i do the entire year in advance) as well as appointments and activities and kids' sleepovers and whatnot. I have a couple exercise calendars and schedules too, though they are followed far less closely than my other ones, alas. I can't do binders; they make my brain shut down. But a list, or a calendar page, something that I can see all at once without flipping pages works much better.


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I do have most of these but wouldn't necessarily call them must haves. I love my full coverage aprons and I store a lot of things in mason jars whether I'm canning or just putting leftover in the fridge. What do you think?


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I'm not on the all glass band wagon and would not call a tea set a must have but most everything else I agree with. I really want to get some aprons, I don't know why I haven't yet actually. I completely agree with her must haves of rags too. I also prefer to cut up old tee shirt, gives something you would throw away another life.


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Aprons are super easy to make. Free patterns are everywhere and then you can customize them! This year I need to make myself some gardening aprons with deep pockets - it'll be cheaper than buying one ready made.