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I'm normally an asshole, so pardon my history. However, my sis/bro-law had to travel with the kiddos regularly on a 15 hour drive. They were the ones who taught me the night-time method. She had to drive more because he had back problems and needed more .. maneuverability (if thats a word).. She did suffer when she got to moms and had to sleep a bit before enduring the family bullshit.

I'm stuck with a longer drive, but am luckily/unluckily child-free (however you look at it).


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I've driven cross country twice a year for a pretty long time, and try to do a thousand miles a day, but it does take its toll. Having a day to recover at the far end is almost a necessity.


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Yeah. I did find its easier if I make myself stop. However, if you do, DEFINITELY, take notes. I make notes on the rest stops with heaters even. I nearly got into a situation in a .. state, where I stopped for gas at 3 am and was accosted by a fella who wouldn't take no for an answer. My CCW wasn't valid in that state and I kept thinking of how my gun was in the car. I kept talking and de-escalated and I was sooo fucking lucky that someone else in the parking lot must've saw what was going on and stayed until I got back in my vehicle.

I will not make that mistake again.

Get your fucking CCW/CHL or whatever the fuck it is in your state if you travel.