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Agreed. On the best of trips, it's hard to average more than 60mph, so only five hours a day is crazy.

Knock out twelve hours at night, let the spouse take care of the kids while you sleep it off, and move on again. Chicago to LA is an easy 3-day trip, but do-able in two days if you're a masochist.


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I'm normally an asshole, so pardon my history. However, my sis/bro-law had to travel with the kiddos regularly on a 15 hour drive. They were the ones who taught me the night-time method. She had to drive more because he had back problems and needed more .. maneuverability (if thats a word).. She did suffer when she got to moms and had to sleep a bit before enduring the family bullshit.

I'm stuck with a longer drive, but am luckily/unluckily child-free (however you look at it).


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I've driven cross country twice a year for a pretty long time, and try to do a thousand miles a day, but it does take its toll. Having a day to recover at the far end is almost a necessity.