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If you have kids, drive at night. You can switch out so that one of you aren't too exhausted to handle the kids, but the real tip is to start travel in the evening. Yeah, sleeping in carseats sucks, but it works and you can get a shit ton of driving done if you have an emergency. You still have to give the kids an out-of-vehicle break at some point, but nighttime is the righttime. Otherwise, yeah, plan that shit out.

If you don't have kids, don't waste money on hotels. Switch out and stop at Flying J, Loves or other large stops with many trucks. While sleeping in a vehicle sucks bigtime, its only for a few hours while one of you recharge. Keep records on regular trips of mile markers where 'good' rest stops are that are clean and have cameras as well as the Flying J/Pilot, Loves, etc are.


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Many states also allow sleeping overnight at rest stops. Campsites can also be a great place to stay during the off season. They often only cost a few bucks. I personally wouldn't stay at campsites during the busy season out of courtesy. If absolutely needed, you can also sleep in church parking lots, preferably the kind where the parking lot is behind the building.

Also, only being able to drive 5 hours in a day would be frustrating. I can easily do 12+ hours in one day or 8+ over multiple days. When moving though, the military gave me 1 day for every 350 miles, and that was very easy and pleasant driving that little in a day.


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Plenty of Walmart's now allow people to park over night with RVs or similar. Mine had several parked in the back of the lot this last summer.

So one night shouldn't be too much of a problem as long as its towards the back.

We used to do one night at the rest stops. Usually the ones where the truckers pull over are "safer" and a good sign that over nights are allowed. Just make sure to use the buddy system and that the kids know not to leave the vehicle at night. Although now child locks make that easier. My father's old van had a bright red reflective paint mark so you could see if the side door was unlocked or not. And he & I checked it all the time for safety when traveling.


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Agreed. On the best of trips, it's hard to average more than 60mph, so only five hours a day is crazy.

Knock out twelve hours at night, let the spouse take care of the kids while you sleep it off, and move on again. Chicago to LA is an easy 3-day trip, but do-able in two days if you're a masochist.


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I'm normally an asshole, so pardon my history. However, my sis/bro-law had to travel with the kiddos regularly on a 15 hour drive. They were the ones who taught me the night-time method. She had to drive more because he had back problems and needed more .. maneuverability (if thats a word).. She did suffer when she got to moms and had to sleep a bit before enduring the family bullshit.

I'm stuck with a longer drive, but am luckily/unluckily child-free (however you look at it).


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Yes we have always started trips at bedtime with kids.


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Nope. Sorry that is terrible advice. Driving at night does not work. While you are driving your kids are sleeping. That means when you are done driving for a leg you have two exhausted adults who are ready for bed but a carload of kids who are not going to let you sleep because they just had their 8 hours. Someone is going to have to stay up to watch them. Also, no matter how hard you try, sleeping in the passenger seat is not going to leave you well rested enough to take over driving safely. Plus, you still need to stop regularly so you can let the kids circulation even out. They cannot sit in car seats for hours on end because it can cause serious complications. If you drive at night that severely limits where you can take them.


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The vehicle and the kids are a big part of this working or not working. My father had a great van and my parents met in the marines so they would power through sleeping one night in the bucket seats in front. As kids we had plenty of room to fully move around during the trip and even lay down in that old van. He had bench seats in the back so I comfortably slept on the floor while my siblings each took a bench.

I'm going to be buying a hard top camper trailer for road trips before I've even married let alone had kids of my own. So pulling over at rest stops or Wal-marts that allow it will be very doable even with kids.