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Feminists are so overly concerned about what children play with because they are petrified of females being feminine. They like to cry that females have no power and need to be just like men. They are completely missing the point that females do have power but only through being feminine and by being submissive to the men whose care they are under (I work and make money but yes, I am still under my husband’s care) and by just being respectful.

I have witnessed my twenty something pound female toddler niece who is the definition of a “girly girl” completely and utterly wrap three grown men around her tiny finger just by being her sweet, submissive, honest, and feminine self.

Her father, grandfather, and uncle would all literally kill and risk their lives to protect her. She’s a child. She isn’t worried about or seeking power. She just knows she’s loved and she’s happy.

These feminist types should worry more about being deserving of that kind of love and devotion and less about what children are playing with.


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You have a really good way of expressing truths. Seriously- it's a gift.


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Oh wow. Thank you. You are going to make me cry. I don’t ever hear that as a compliment, ever. I usually hear that I am too blunt and my mouth is way too big and that I need to keep my opinions to myself.

P.S. I made the pound cake again and used lemon extract this time and my husband insisted on taking a piece to a co-worker of his. Rave reviews. I told him though to enjoy it now because he isn’t getting another one until the holidays (sugar and calories) so he only took his co-worker a small piece! The first thing his co-worker said after taking a bite was that my husband sure was stingy with the size of the pice of cake.


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You have a really good way of empowering people by identifying their strengths. I've seen you do it with users, myself included.


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Grits = girl raised in the south?


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I'm not especially creative in making up names. After I nuked my first and only other account that I've ever had on Voat the first post I commented on had to do with Southern food and appropriation. I remembered all those "Girls Raised in the South" shirts that were so popular growing up and realized that I can't comment on Voat without my very Southern worldview influencing how I perceive everything.

That and I've always loved the word grit (or sand) being used as a descriptor to mean that someone has gumption or is maybe a little rough around the edges personality wise. This is probably cheesy but I've liked John Wayne ever since my husband had me give westerns a shot and we watched his movie "McClintock!" together. The word also reminds me of him in "True Grit".