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  1. Bare and raise/guide/educate the children
  2. Make the home a haven from the world for the husband. (Clean, quiet, good food, good sites, good sounds, good smells)
  3. Support her husband emotionally and physically so that he feels like he can take on the world (especially make him feel like he has nothing at home to worry about and can really focus on work when he leaves each morning)
  4. Help in her community
  5. Tend aging parents


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It is nice you included that topic as in # 5


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How are you prepared to care for your aging parents? With so many large families in today's world, any suggestions of how to prepare or actually be able to do this? Do you support placing parents in nursing homes?


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I don’t support nursing homes if you can do otherwise and care for them at home. Now, many older people prefer nursing homes and if that’s their preference then fine, but family should help if they can if that’s what both sets of people want. My husband and I planned ahead when we bought our home and made sure we had an extra room for grandparents. That means that some of my kids share a room but that’s fine, it actually good for them and builds character. So yes, we are prepared to take care of aging parents. It was a priority for us.