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You've got yourself an interesting story! Really glad you both got clean and sober and have built a happy life together. IDK, I'm definitely more straight edge and my friends jokingly call me 'Martha Stewart'. You and your wife would probably look at me and think I was a snob (I'm not though). The trad life is for anyone that wants to instill old-fashioned values into the next generation and have a marriage without the typical power struggles. I for one, welcome you. <3


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Just for the record, the image people get of meth users, dirty toothless rednecks. Doesn't apply to us. We meet when she was 15 and I 19. She was a pretty young girl who fell into the wrong crowed. Being a beautiful young girl, thirsty guys gave her all the drugs she wanted. Luckily she wasn't a whore. Also I never committed crimes for my fix. A buddy and I would do odd jobs for dealers, installing remote control cameras, wireless mics, tweakers are paranoid. Even repoed bikes for a drug/bike dealer. Also was muscle who would show up on your door if you didnt pay your credit line off.

However thats all way in the past. I'm now a security guard who works closely with PD. Go figure, haha. Honestly want to apply to be a cop, but they do polygraphs so no way ill pass. My wife has an Esty business making bouquets for weddings.

So yea turned all that bad around. We have an amazing marriage, and amazing kids. Money is the only thing thats a pain, but we get by.

Also my wife doesn't Voat, however I show her a lot from this sub though.

@Empress great sub, best one on Voat for sure! Makes me feel good people still see the value in the way we once where.