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Church is half of "Church and State". But lying to a potential mate there about your jew status wont go unnoticed.


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Yeah, that's a lot of what's been pushing me there. Enemy of my enemies, etc. .. Back when I used to blaspheme my ass off against Christianity, I always thought it would be fine to do so against any other religion. Holy crap was I wrong. . . . Now, weather or not it IS, it still seems part of an anti western culture conspiracy; that shitting on a picture of Jesus is hilarious, but even mentioning Jews or Muslims is practically a "Hate Crime."


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Is your heart so hardened from the truth that is right in front of you? A spiritual journey is one every person takes through life, and it is best walked in silence. You'll see a lot of lost people along the journey, stuck way off the road in the briars, weeds and quicksand begging you to stop and come join them.