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The farmers market on Saturday mornings, haven't been in a while but with the weather cooling I'll be there regularly through the cold months. Local livestock auction, same there the heat of the Summer has kept me away but with the weather letting up before too much longer I'll be there regularly.

Other than that...... Idk, I can't think of anywhere else in public to meet people where everybody isn't in a "smart" phone trance.....? I mean the grocery store but if you go when it's busy it's hell, and if you go when it's not there's no one there. That and the grocery store is a total crap shoot as far as looking for trad people.

{Probably should've read the title better. Male, never married, no children, and where I'd be looking.}


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I'd kill for a decent farmers market. All the ones around me ever have is tomatoes and potatoes, and a few local people selling home made goods that make you feel like you're getting ripped off.