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I met my wife in the produce section of a grocery store. I worked the section and she knew her shit in regards to cooking fresh fruits and vegetables and I asked her out right then and there.

Hindsight 20/20: it's kind of weird to find a connection in cooking prowess with someone and then ask them on a date where neither of you will do any cooking.


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I asked her out right then and there.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Well done!

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It's an old retail trick. Most sales are driven by a few core items but that would leave the store plain and uninspiring. The appearance of novelty items hits the old dopamine trigger, convincing the shopper into spending more time in the store. More time spent, more likely they are to pick up more of those "safe" items as well.

Persimmons? What the heck are those? I don't know, but those tomatoes look pretty good right now.


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My store stoped stocking rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, ginger, and a bunch of other stuff because no one was buying it and when they did research on why, they said no one knew how to cook or serve them. The state of America's kitchens is really bad. My wife and I have really been stepping up our game since we found Voat and this sub but in our circle of friends, like us and one other couple eat at home. Everyone else eats out for practically every meal.

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I like rutabaga pie. Probably a different store though.