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arm yourself


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I think the phrase is: Walk softly, carry a big stick.


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"arm yourself"

Berkowitz and LePage demonstrated about fifty years ago that the mere presence of firearms led to increased aggression. (berkowitz and lepage, 1967, I think) A team of researchers at Knox College recently published a study showing that interacting with firearms leads to increased testosterone AND aggression...

There's a wealth of replications and refinements of these basic phenomena, but I have a hypothesis about the "gun guy" phenomenon that I laid out in this post over at /r/gunsarecool: A psychologist's take on the extreme-right pro-gun crowd

In short, though, I view guns as a very dangerous, irresponsible, and costly form of testosterone replacement therapy for a population characterized by declining dominance and security in the world.


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LOL- that's the most ridiculous thing I've read all week which is saying something. An armed society is a polite society. I carry a weapon on me at all times (even in my home I have a pistol on my hip) and if anything, it makes me more interested in not involving myself in any silly road rage which could potentially escalate. The absolute last thing I'd want to do is have to use my weapon.

You sir, are a fool.


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youre a fucking idiot. Licensed, legal CCW carriers are virtually invisible in crime stats moron.


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Low testosterone makes men emotional and irrational. High testosterone leads to cooperation.


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oh yes yes. The goyim must be stripped of their guns oy vey